Although I'm based outside of Austin TX I am open and ready to travel! In fact, my inner traveler dies a little on the inside from happiness when I get to travel. I don't think I'll EVER shake that love of road trips and airports.


If you're from my area, the prices below include Austin, College Station, and the surrounding areas. If you're outside this area, let me know in your inquiry because GIRL (or guy!) I am so ready to be there for you.

Note: from mid-February to late-July, I will be in southern Australia for school. If you happen to be in Australia and want to book a session, don't hesitate to send me a message! I will be working while there!

WEDDINGS start at $850 

      ...4 hours, each additional hour is $100

      ...includes a coffee shop meet to discuss details in person

COUPLES start at $175

    ...1 hour, one location

    ...1.5 hours and two locations start at $225

FAMILIES start at $175

    ...1 hour, one location

SENIORS start at $150

    ...1 hour, one location and two outfit changes

L E T ' S  G O!


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