If you're here, you're already a little interested! So let me tell you more about my style.

With these pictures, you should be able to tell a story. YOUR story. I believe everyone can look good in front of a camera when they're happy and relaxed. So that's my goal! To make you feel as comfortable as possible so you and your boo can get photos capturing exactly who you are.

We'll put on some of your favorite music, grab some refreshing drinks, and explore the landscape. We'll run around and dance, laugh, and climb hills (if TX has any ha!). Then, I'll pull you in for the sweet, romantic shots. The ones with you two remembering what you love around the other person. The ones showing the quieter sweetness.

Before we even meet, I want us to feel like friends! When you book, I'll send you alll the info you need to know before your shoot to make you as comfortable as possible. I understand how awkward it can feel to have your pictures taken for the first time (heck or any time!). I've had my photos taken professionally exactly ONE time and the entire hour I was nervous about where to put my hands and how to stand. You feel me?

Here, we won't be posing at all. So you don't have to worry about those awkward hand placements!

I want you to leave the day feeling relaxed, refreshed, and happy. So let me know how I can help you!

If you need someone to grab drinks on the way there, I'm your girl. 

If you need help with your hair or to fix your makeup a few minutes before photo time, just let me know.

I'm not just there to be your photographer - I'm there to help in any way you need in. In any fashion.

I understand I may not be the photographer for you and that's all right! You need to be comfortable with your photographer and everybody has a different style. If you want posed photos, that's great! If you're looking for a more urban style, that's awesome! I may not be the one for you, but knowing your style is a great start.

If you nodded your head this whole page, yay!! Check out the "Pricing" page to get more information!


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