capturing legitimately authentic moments


"Putting together Christmas cards makes me stressed because I dislike taking formal pictures. The forced smiles, pressure to look perfect, and stilted poses all seem so fake. HOWEVER, this phenomenal photographer changed my stance on this position. We recently did a photoshoot with her and had. SO. MUCH. FUN. Legitimately! My sides ached from laughing for so long. Maddie was a blast to work with and we loved how the pictures turned out! Soooo, here are some real authentic snapshots of my family - grinning, goofy, and everything in between." 

- Christine + Family -

Finding a photographer that truly captures you (and your family or partner) is important. My goal is to be the photographer who not only focuses on delivering a gallery in the style that you love but who will also help the rest of the day go smoothly. I am 100% there to help capture every moment of your session, but I also want to be a friendly hand you can ask to fix your hair or your dress. I’m the person you can ask to pick up a coffee last minute or take care of something else that is causing you stress - whether you’re looking for a wedding, engagement, or couples session, don’t hesitate to let me know what will make you more comfortable!  


My job is to make sure you don't have any doubts about what you're going to get. I value emotions and genuine interactions over perfect poses. We’ll be running across the grass, exploring the landscape, getting tangled up in the sand, and taking a dip in the lake. We’ll focus on getting close and romantic for couples, while I give you prompts to help you remember how much you love the person in front of you. I’ll give you things to do to help you feel comfortable, but the photos will reflect your personality and interactions ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. Of course, we'll also get the formal photos your mother or your grandmother want to put in a frame, but my goal is to help you be able to look at your gallery and remember exactly what made you laugh, what made you fall in love with the person in front of you, or why you're so excited to graduate (depending on the shoot ;) ... and hopefully how you forgot about the camera following you around!


I may not be the photographer for everyone, and I might not be the photographer you're looking for, but if getting a little messy and finding cool places to explore sounds amazing to you, then chances are, we’ll work great together! 


my name is madison guy

I'm a twenty-two-year-old college senior with a love for history. Traveling gives me life and I have an adorable Sheltie named Indie (like Indiana Jones aka Harrison Ford). 

When I'm not finishing up my degree, I'm drinking iced mochas, teaching English to middle schoolers, and binge-ing the same TV shows over and over.


More importantly, I'm a senior and couples photographer who lives for soothing rainy weather and mint chocolate chip ice cream. I'm based outside of Austin and College Station, Texas, and I'm here to help you capture what you love best, whether that's running around in an open field or snuggling up warm next to the ocean (HECK YES I'm available for travel!). 

don't take my word for it


"My fiancé and I had an amazing time with Madison! Her pictures were beautiful and captured all the *us* moments. She also captured great pictures of us with our beloved pups!! We couldn’t have asked for a more natural, fun time while taking pictures."

Good energy.

"We've used Madison for family photos twice now. We absolutely love her. She's great with little kids, and great with giving direction. Super fun and enjoyable. Our photos turned out amazing each time, she captures the genuine joy of our families. Definitely can't wait for another reason to have Madison take some photos!"




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